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It doesn’t matter if you’ve just had your first scan or you’re ‘ready to pop!’ – there’s going to be a time when someone asks you, ‘Have you written a birth plan?’. 

First things first, let us get the terminology right! Birth does not always go to ‘plan’. So perhaps consider a different approach and refer to your birth ‘plan’ as your birth ‘preferences’. This encourages a more flexible approach and is therefore more accurate. 

We’ve captured the top 8 commonly asked questions to help you write your birth preferences, your way: 


  1. Where do you wish your birth to take place? Homebirth, midwifery led unit or obstetric led unit
  1. Who do you wish to be present at your birth? A partner, family member, or perhaps a trusted friend
  1. What pain relief options would you consider? Are there any methods you are keen to try, or perhaps avoid?
  1. Do you want immediate skin-to-skin contact with your newborn? This is when your baby is placed against your chest 
  1. Have you considered delayed cord clamping? The cord can take a few minutes to stop pulsating (and gives baby lots of nutritional goodies!) 
  1. How will you deliver the placenta? Option 1 is active management (injection) or option 2 is physiological birth (no medication)
  1. Are you happy for your baby to have vitamin K after birth? Vitamin K prevents hemolytic disease of the newborn and can be given via an injection or oral medicine
  1. Are you happy to have a student in the room with you? Most midwives have a trainee midwife, it is up to you if you are happy for a student to present or not. 

Attending antenatal classes ensures you are equipped with the confidence to write your birth preferences as they ensure you are aware of your options and have your questions answered! Good luck and happy writing!

Thank you to Bambino Club for writing this guest blog for us. If you would like to know more about Bambino Club, then you can see them at our next baby show on Sunday 19th September at The Norfolk Showground. If you just can’t wait that long, then visit their website here.