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Babies love music and to be sung to. We know that babies sense of hearing starts developing in the womb, in tune to their mother’s heartbeat. It is rhythm, melody and the dynamics of music that form the basis of their language development.

The Benefits of Singing

Singing with babies does also have many other benefits. When you sing to your baby they bond with your voice and connect to your love for them. Repeatedly introducing songs during routine transitions and daily activities (i.e. a song for waking up, sleeping, change time etc) helps baby knowing what is coming next, giving them a sense of reassurance. Singing is a great way to introduce new vocabulary and help baby learning new words and start focusing on their listening skills. Singing is also great family fun and a simple, but effective tool to help with siblings bonding by involving older children in singing and playing with baby. Overall, we use our singing voice as a way to express LOVE!


As babies get older the introduction of bouncing/swaying and rocking to music helps developing their vestibular system. Balance, coordination and locomotion all depend on the proper function of this important system located and processed, together with the auditory system, in the ear. Being moved in a variety of ways helps baby to differentiate sounds and discriminate between sound and language. You might notice older babies starting to babble to familiar songs and young toddlers starting to sing along to their favourite tunes. And, most importantly…it is FUN! Babies and young children love being bounced, swayed and rocked to music.

Participating to baby and toddler music classes is a great way to incorporate music and singing into your little one’s daily routine. It provides you both with a safe environment for baby to develop, social interaction and learning opportunities. Also, it has been proven that participating to baby singing groups can help easing symptoms of Postnatal Depression. So, once again, a great activity for all the family.

Thank you to Valentina from Hartbeeps Norwich & East Norfolk for this guest blog. If you would like to know more about Hartbeeps, then click here to go through to their website. They will also be exhibiting with us at our 2021 show!