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A wealth of knowledgable baby suppliers on our doorstep

We were very lucky to have been approached by a number of our baby suppliers offering their services throughout our pregnancy. From hypnobirthing to a bump painting with Sarah from Rooblidoo and a newborn photo shoot with A Moment Photography to Placenta Encapsulation (yes we know you probably aren’t sure, but stick with us and continue reading!).

We had a 1-2-1 session with Jackie Heffer-Cooke from The Orange Grove Clinic in Norwich providing us with a tailored session on birth preparation and hypnobirthing.

After our first birth experience with our daughter, we were very unsure what to expect this time around and left Meryl feeling very anxious. She was 16 days overdue by the time Niamh made an appearance and that was only due to having a caesarean. Meryl went in to the NNUH at 14 days overdue to be induced. She had two days of induction which failed and by which time it was the weekend. She had no contractions and no signs whatsoever of our babies arrival.

Walking sideways

We did laps of the NNUH, walking sideways up and down the numerous staircases all over the hospital. Yes I think I walked sideways too just to keep her smiling! We even wandered into areas that we shouldn’t have actually been! As we were casually walking down a corridor, a head poked out of a door and said “can we help you?”. It was at that point that we got the feeling that maybe we shouldn’t be there. We swiftly turned around and continued to walking trying to bring on the baby. Niamh was just too comfy in there!

Induction was not a pleasant experience for us and having to leave Meryl in the hospital each night, while I made the half an hour journey home, was horrible. She was in tears and just wanted to come home. If we knew then what we do now following our experiences and conversations with the professionals that we have come across since starting The Norfolk Bump & Beyond Baby and Toddler Fair, then we certainly would have spoken up and realised that we did have a choice.

Anyway, it all worked out in the end, as we have our beautiful daughter to show for it. Babies are born into this world in many ways and everyone has a different birth experience and they don’t always go to plan regardless of how much planning you do!

Birthing Journey

Jackie at The Orange Grove helped us prepare for the possibility of going into labour and what to expect on the birthing journey, as well as using the techniques if we had to have a repeat caesarean (which is what actually happened in the end). After the session, we felt calm and collected and ready for Cameron’s arrival.

Meryl was convinced we were having another girl. She was so poorly with morning or all day sickness just like she was with Niamh. It turns out that it doesn’t actually matter whether you have a boy or girl, you can still get it! we often invest too much thought into the old wives tales. I guess some people just don’t react well to pregnancy and Meryl is one of those.

We held off buying any new clothes or gender specific items at our last fair in March. So next year, I think Meryl will be taking full advantage of the shopping opportunity and purchasing some lovely outfits and items made by our talented suppliers.

Eating your Placenta

Before Cameron entered the world, one of our baby suppliers Nikki from Cherished Placentas who exhibited with us in March, contacted us to ask if Meryl would like her to encapsulate her placenta following the birth. We must admit that we were very “on the fence” about the whole process and the idea of “eating your placenta”. After reading the brochure that Nikki sent over and doing our own research, we decided to proceed. Nikki dropped off the kit for us to take to the hospital. We discussed it with the medical team who were more than happy with our wishes. They were very intrigued by the whole process.

Nikki arrived at the hospital almost within seconds of calling her to let her know that our little boy had arrived. In fact, Meryl was still in recovery following the caesarean. She was there within an hour! Now that is impressive! 

Preparing the Placenta

Nikki prepared the placenta in two methods  – Traditional Chinese and Simple Dehydrated. It was then personally delivered back to us about 36 hours later for Meryl to start taking the capsules.

Cameron is now 9 weeks and Meryl has taken the capsules on and off since then. She found it difficult to work out whether they were working. As a result, she decided to stop taking them to see how she really felt without them. She did this twice throughout the 9 weeks. After all, this time around, we also have a 4 year old to run around after, as well as a newborn to care for. 

Without the “dose”, Meryl was exhausted and very emotional together with suffering from terrible headaches. Both Meryl & Cameron have now had their 6-8 week check. Her GP was very impressed with how her scar has healed, which is yet another benefit from placenta encapsulation. Her Midwife also commented on the scar and discharged her within 2 weeks! Meryl has also been breastfeeding and her milk supply has been amazing. He is a very hungry boy!

So if you want to be able to function effectively following the birth of your newborn and running around after an energetic pre-schooler, then we would thoroughly recommend Nikki from Cherished Placentas. I almost wish that I had taken some to see if I felt less sleep deprived and more energised! 

Baby suppliers

Cameron is following in his sisters footsteps and has also started swimming lessons with Water Lilies Swimming School. An invaluable life skill that every one should have the opportunity to learn. He isn’t quite old enough for Rugbytots Norfolk yet, but it didn’t stop him coming along to support his big sister!

We are lucky to have the wealth of knowledgeable baby suppliers that we do right on our doorstop where we can go for advice and information. It is great that we also get to work with them and can genuinely recommend suppliers when they are part of our shows.