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We’re pleased to announce one of our Event Sponsors for The Norfolk Bump & Beyond Baby and Toddler Fair 2024 is Tesla. Want to know more about them and what they offer? Read on and find out about Keeping Tiny Passengers, the Biggest Priority: Tesla’s Commitment to Child Safety.

Tesla is a pioneering force in the energy industry with a single goal, accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. A driving force behind this redefinition of what it means to revolutionise electric vehicles, is an unwavering commitment to safety and safeguarding those we love. Tesla has woven cutting-edge safety features into the very fabric of our vehicles, prioritising the protection of our most precious cargo.

Tesla cars are engineered with a robust safety cage, constructed from high strength steel and aluminium. This forms a protective cocoon around the cabin, absorbing and deflecting impact in the event of a collision. Additionally, advanced airbags and seatbelt pretensioners minimise potential harm.

One of Tesla’s hallmark safety innovations are that all models come equipped with sturdy ISOFIX anchor points, which cater to a wide variety of child seat sizes, accommodating all little ones from infants all the through to older children. This is as a result of the anchor points being compatible with a plethora of ISOFIX sizing, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your child’s needs. This results in a reduction to the risk of movement and displacement in the event of an accident, offering superior protection for your child.

Tesla also subjects our vehicles to extensive testing regimes, including virtual simulations, laboratory tests, and real-world scenarios. Our dedication to thorough testing ensures that each and every one of our vehicles exceeds safety standards. Our approach to safety combines cutting edge technology with tried-and-true testing methods to provide the safest experience possible.

Going above and beyond

Our dedication to safety goes beyond compliance with regulations; it’s a core value that permeates every aspect of the company’s operations. Tesla strives to make driving not only sustainable but also safer for everyone on the road. As the automotive industry evolves, Tesla remains at the forefront, setting a high standard for safety in the electric vehicle landscape.

Meet the Norwich team at The Norfolk Bump & Beyond Baby and Toddler Fair 2024 on Sunday 17th March at The Norfolk Showground from 10am until 3pm. Purchase your Advance Discounted Tickets today here.