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The Sleeping Baby Routine

Health care

Becoming a parent need not mean sleep deprivation

My routine focuses on your baby’s digestion and is a balance between routine and baby led nights. The Sleeping Baby Routine’s results are unique, achieving a full night’s sleep at your baby’s own pace, within the first two months of life with no dream feed or controlled crying. My routines can also be implemented at a later stage. A full nights sleep is but a phone call away!

If sleeping through the night is not your end game, I can help set up simple structures and teach positive associations which results in a calm & happy baby. Providing expert advice on all parenting matters such as lactation, breast-feeding, post birth equipment list, weaning, wind issues & reflux, toddler tantrums and mother’s health & support. Check out my support options “With You, For You and By You” to find out more.

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