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Capturing those milestones…

It’s something as parents we can feel enormous pressure over. Firstly, there’s our child actually completing those milestones within a timeframe that seems acceptable. Then secondly, for us, the need to document it so that it will never be forgotten. Once again, within an acceptable timeframe or we’ll actually forget it ourselves! 

We need to relax a little. We are definitely a species that loves nostalgia. It’s lovely to look back over our past and remember fondly how we were, what has shaped us in to who we are today, and why we love doing what we do. 

Our children love to hear stories of when they were babies. To know which songs they liked to be sung to them, which toy they slept with, and to see their hand print from when they were tiny. 

Baby handprint in a baby album with baby milestones


As adults, we love to be reminded of our childhood. Whether it’s remembering a game we played, a cartoon we knew the theme tune to or the first book to make our imagination soar. It brings out a sense of wellbeing and a feeling of belonging that we all can’t help but cherish. 

These days we have so much technology to help us capture memories in the form of photos and videos. However, now the worry is keeping and presenting them so we can enjoy those precious memories as we’d like to and not have them buried in a colossal digital library never to be seen again. 

The photos and videos are incredible, but do we do too much? Do we sometimes neglect to enjoy the moment by trying to preserve it? Sometimes I see people filming things such as a firework display. I wonder if they’ll ever watch that video or whether it would be best to just stand in the moment, smell the bonfire, watch those fireworks, and, above all, enjoy it. 

Fireworks and people enjoying them

Thank you to Colour Chronicles for writing this guest blog. Are you looking to record your little ones milestones? Colour Chronicles produce beautiful books for children and their grown ups to record all the wonderful moments and memories from age one to sixteen. They include a series of fun questions to be filled out every year, which promote delightful answers and builds into a lasting memento to be treasured for years to come.