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The Breastfeeding Maze

This guest blog has been kindly written by Breastfeeding Norfolk who will be exhibiting with us at The Norfolk Bump & Beyond Baby and Toddler Fair on Sunday 24th March at The Norfolk Showground Arena. They will also be featured on our Live Stage and delivering ‘Breastfeeding support-knowing when to ask for help’

Many more mothers and babies start breastfeeding than continue after 6 weeks post-natal. Latest figures show that only 46% of babies are having any breastmilk or breastfeeding at all by 6 weeks. This is a highly emotive topic and tied into guilt, sadness, regret and blame. The decision behind whether to breast or bottle (formula) feed comes from a powerful place. It may follow the way the parents (mothers especially), were fed, and what is seen as the norm in those parents’ families’ and social lives.

Intention to breastfeed from birth, followed by a switch to formula feeding deserves space to talk about, and to ask questions. Did that mum need support to breastfeed? Did she know how and where to find that support? When it comes down to it, most mums just want to know how to breastfeed so their babies grow and so it doesn’t give them sore nipples and breasts. Once mums and babies have learned how to breastfeed comfortably and efficiently, then they don’t look back.

It is so upsetting when mums and their partners know all about the benefits of breastfeeding, but then really beat themselves up if they find that breastfeeding is just too difficult to carry on, and nobody seems to be able to help.

We are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs). Breastfeeding Norfolk are qualified to support mums to breastfeed their babies for as long as they wish. We work from research and evidence and translate that into language that all mums and their partners can relate to their own situations with their babies. Breastfeeding Norfolk are in private practice. We offer one to one consultations in mums’ homes. We also have our free weekly Thursday morning drop-in at West Pottergate Breastfeeding Support Centre, Norwich, NR2 4BX.